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Hola! SunDevs Inc is a 7 year old company that started in a small Colombian town in Latin America, and is now present in the US with clients across North America. We have two main business lines: (1) Staff Augmentation through Nearshoring and (2) Digital Transformation Projects.

We have a great team working already with North American companies, with the majority being engineers, developers, and product designers. Our growth has come from absolutely killing it on the technical side and getting referrals from existing clients. Cinemark and Cafe Rio are two of our biggest clients that we work with from both business lines.

We believe that the caliber of tech talent is going to dictate the caliber of our future on a global scale. Our mission is to become the global standard for developing and sourcing tech talent - this means matching amazing humans with amazing companies that are building the future (from technology). We’re starting with the talent in Latin America. This specific role will be focused on the Staff Augmentation business line by helping us support & develop the talent we have placed in our clients companies.

SunDevs is a fast-growing software development firm that specializes in delivering innovative solutions to our clients' businesses. We are seeking a skilled and curious Prompt Engineer with a strong background in machine learning, big data, data analysis, and a good understanding and knowledge of ChatGPT or LLMs models, as well as experience in creating conversational applications, to join our team.

You will provide advice, guiding and technical knowledge about how to apply big data, machine learning models, LLMs such as ChatGPT, Claude, midjourney etc to implement new features into our current products and platforms.

What We Look For In You If you are passionate about using machine learning, ChatGPT or LLMs models, and big data technologies to solve real-world problems and create conversational applications, and want to join a fast-growing software development firm, then we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume and qualifications for this position.

Key Responsibilities Collaborate with clients to understand their business needs and identify opportunities to leverage machine learning, ChatGPT or LLMs models, and big data technologies.

Design and develop scalable and efficient machine learning models, including ChatGPT or LLMs models, that solve real-world problems for clients.

Analyze and interpret complex data sets using statistical methods and provide insights to clients that help them make data-driven decisions.

Build and maintain data pipelines to collect, process, and store large volumes of data efficiently.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including developers, project managers, and designers, to deliver high-quality solutions to clients on time and within budget.

Develop conversational applications that integrate with ChatGPT or LLMs models to provide customized solutions for clients.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in machine learning, ChatGPT or LLMs models, and big data technologies.

Maintaining a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude toward customers, third-party stakeholders, product managers, delivery managers, product designers, software engineers, and any other member of your team.

Make sure to deliver on time all scheduled tasks to which you and your team committed.

Notify quickly and in a timely manner to the customer, stakeholders, other managers and your team about any change or risk that may affect the delivery on time of your tasks and results.

Make the status of the product/project tasks always visible for the customers and any other relevant stakeholder.

Participate in a 1:1 meeting with the rest of your team.

Provide timely feedback to your team.

Participate in the definition of the Product OKRs for your team.

Participate in the 360 Feedback Survey for the team members

Software Engineer Requirements Bachelor’s degree or Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics or equivalent practical experience in related fields.

At least 1-3 years of experience working in projects that involves the application of big data, data analysis and machine learning.

Wide understanding about ChatGPT or LLMs models for creating conversational applications.

Strong programming skills in Python, Java Script, TypeScript or R.

Experience with common machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, or PyTorch, as well as experience with ChatGPT or LLMs models.

Proficient in SQL and experience with relational databases.

Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Nice-to-Have skills Experience working in a product lead company

Familiarity with cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure.

Have worked in a Startup previously In SunDevs we are ready to:

Make an impact: Working at the speed of social, we create value for our customers by delivering solutions that power relationships at scale. Our pace of work enables fast learning and fosters an environment where you can stretch yourself and make an impact.

Learn and grow: We’re committed to growing the capabilities of our people. We are building a learning community where you can work with diverse individuals, explore new ways of thinking, and expand your capabilities. Our employees are teachers and learners who work out loud and share their knowledge to enhance each other’s growth.

We are dedicated to building a diverse community, one where employees feel a sense of belonging, and are valued for their contributions and the perspectives they bring. Our purpose is to champion the power of human connection and the heart of connection is inclusion. You belong here.

Are you ready join? Apply now! We will happy to have you onboard.